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African Grooms Fashions

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African Custom Nehru Collar Embroidered Pants Suit
$699.95 $595.95 On Sale!
DASH #4015b

African Custom Nehru Collar Embroidered Pants Suit.  These coordinated pieces are brilliantly embroidered in bright gold. Perfect for wedding and formal occasions. (Available in most colors with gold, white or silver embroidery and all sizes (Small - 6X-Large).  

This crafted garment is Custom Embroidered made by Wilsdom Designs.

Please select your dashiki color and the fitted size.


African Mud Cloth Print Paneled Dashiki Shirt
$175.95 $145.00 On Sale!
DATK # 5004nU5

African Mud Cloth Print Paneled Dashiki Shirt(Sm-6X-Large). Hat Sold Separately Relaxing and comfortable way to rediscover the passion of Sixties style fashions. Loose fitting , available in all kente colors sizes (Small to 6X-Large). Extra fee will be added to (M and 6X-Large) sizes. Kufi hat sold separately.   Perfect for all casual, memorable, family reunion occasions and gift items.


Design by Wilsdom Designs (This Item is New)

Please select your dashiki shirt size!


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Customer Testimonials 

I am writing to express pure gratitude for the amazing masterpiece African Hat you all created for me! It was awesome!!! Thank you so much! 
Sharday Lee
Powder Springs, GA
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