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African Shea Butter (160z Container)

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ASH #1002

Pure 100% SHEA BUTTER BENEFITS � Massage Shea butter into areas affected by arthritis, joint pains, or other muscular ache. � Prevents ashy skin, chapping, and skin rashes. � An ideal hair dressing that protects the scalp from sores and rashes. � Helps prevent weak hair from breaking, fading, or thinning out. � Helps heal scars, burns, and stretch marks. � Helps rid the scalp of dandruff. � Helps bruises to heal. � Helps drain toxins from sore muscles. perfect for sports participants � Helps prevent skin irritation for babies: used for generations to help babies sleep better. � Use after shaving to prevent irritation. and to restore skins natural luster. � Ideal for dry skin, dermatitis, eczema sunburn and athletes foot. � Rejuvenates skin pores and adds elasticity to skin. � Firms up aging skin and helps clear wrinkles. � Naturally contains vitamins A and E. (Now Available in 16oz. container for 50%Off)

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